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"The ‘Tout-monde’ is a poetic, identity-based approach to the survival of peoples in the face of globalization."


Édouard Glissant, Martiniquan poet and essayist, invented the concept of globalism, as opposed to economic globalization. Through creolization, he advocates mestizo and the poetics of relation, the blending of the imaginary, of languages ​​and cultures.


This is the driving force behind the Compagnie 3x2+1, and their ‘Todo Mundo’ project: that of creation and reflection around this concept of creolization.


The Antoinette Trio, from the very varied origins of its musicians, explores from the inside the concept of creolization:


How three individuals coming from very different musical horizons, by the merging of their identities and personalities, create a "cultural mix that produces the unpredictable."


Téofilo Chantre is Cape Verdean. He is a musician-author and was Césaria Évora’s composer and arranger. In 2011, he created an album entitled “Mestissage”. He’s no stranger to Édouard Glissant’s creolization.



In the current context where identity, wars, borders, and where fears and rejections of the stranger and the migrant re-emerge, the words of Édouard Glissant become urgent and relevant. Through the artistic expression, encounter, curiosity, exchange we can take a good hard look at the reasons why these fears persist.


Todo Mundo, the ‘Tout-monde’ is a poetic, musical and sympathetic response to current and future social shock waves.