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Antoinette trio

Antoinette trio | Karatê

Antoinette trio | Loro

Antoinette trio | Balaruc musical

Imagine an effervescent fandango infused with influences of Cape Verde; a corridinho, Portuguese folk dance crossed with a forró, the infectious music and dance style of Northeastern Brazil.


With the Antoinette Trio, the fado of Carlos Paredes meets the explosive world of Hermeto Pascoal and the delicacy of Egberto Gismonti, meeting points open to improvisation and exploration.

Antoinette Trio : three talented instrumentalists whose combined rich sound-world bridges classical music, jazz and folk/world. This unusual blend brings together the flutes of Julie Audouin, the bass clarinet of Arnaud Rouanet and guitars of Antoine Leite, the native Portuguese-speaker of the group.


Antoinette Trio offers a subtle reinterpretation of the exotic and singular musical influences of the Portuguese diaspora, leading us into an imaginary folklore of poetry, humour, joy and creativity.

Karatê | E.Gismonti - Antoinette trio
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Monsieur Hamann | J.Audouin - Antoinette trio
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Chichucas | T.Leite - Antoinette trio
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An3net | A.Rouanet - Antoinette trio
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